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16 Feb 2021
Code of conduct and digital attendance‏
02 Dec 2019
Within our constant endeavor to keep abreast with the recent text book publications School Larders, Heads of Departments, and Academic Supervisors attended a Two –Hour Educational Presentation conduct
26 Nov 2019
The General Administration of Schools organized the activities of the “Classera Riyadh Najd Forum” dedicated to Raise parent’s awareness about the concept of Classera program and the services provided
05 Mar 2019
The Fourth Annual Graduates’ Reunion was held on Saturday 2nd march,2019 evening in Riyadh Najed Schools. A number of graduates from the past 20 years attended it along with the attendance of the Gi
10 Feb 2019
The Boys Section in Riyadh Najd Schools celebrated the activities of the "Open Day" carnival on Saturday 9/2/2019 in the presence of more than a thousand visitors - students and parents - and included
26 Dec 2018
The Top Five Students in the Elementary School/Diploma 1St Semester – 2018/2019 - Link :
20 Dec 2018
We are proud to announce that Riyadh Najed School has implemented interactive LED Boards in various academic stages at boys and girls section. A new technology with an innovative solution to enhance
06 Dec 2018
The Department of Computer and Information Technology in Riyadh Najed Schools - in the presence of the General Administration, the principals and the vice principals of the stages - organized in the B
18 Nov 2018
Attending parent–teacher conferences is a great way to be involved and help your child succeed. It’s an opportunity to: discuss your child's progress, share your child's strengths and needs, work with
15 Nov 2018
Riyadh Najed School empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being. The school community works together to ensure ever
11 Nov 2018
The girls section at Riyadh Najed School celebrated the annual “Open Day”, with the supervision and participation of the administrative and educational team, our elementary students enjoyed the day pl
29 Oct 2018
Hazza bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Amri , a grade six student, participated in a campaign called (Do you think it’s only a problem of forgetfulness?) . It is an activity organized by Alzheimer’s Asso
18 Oct 2018
In order to improve the educational process and to facilitate the reception and comprehension of male and female students, the General Administration of Riyadh Najed Schools has set up - in many sch
07 Oct 2018
Since Riyadh Najed Schools is an international center accredited by College Board to conduct SAT standard tests designed to help students to be accepted by international and foreign universities, 72 s
17 Sep 2018
Riyadh Najed Schools administered diagnostic tests in Math, English, science and Arabic Language for grade 4, 7, and 10. The results of the diagnostic test will be analyzed to determine exactly where
11 Sep 2018
The evening clubs in Riyadh Najed Schools have resumed their sports, cultural and scientific activities for national and diploma students. On Sunday, each week (for intermediate and secondary student
03 Sep 2018
Riyadh Najed Schools students have started the activities of the first school day with great enthusiasm, attendance and distinguished interaction, under the supervision of the school officials and the
03 Sep 2018
Riyadh Najed Schools welcomed its new students by introducing them to the school system, and administrative and educational staff, with honorary hospitality and a guided tour for the stage facilities.
30 Aug 2018
The gymnasiums at Riyadh Najed Schools are fully prepared for events and activities and equipped with the latest equipments to prepare the youth, thus contributing to the achievement of the general go
21 Aug 2018
Eid Mubarak allah Accept From us and you
21 Aug 2018
Eid Mubarak allah Accept From us and you
14 Aug 2018
Riyadh Najed Schools are equipped with laboratories using modern and digital techniques, refrigeration rooms for the preservation of samples, optical microscopes, and advanced, scientific and technica
13 Aug 2018
In the third week, the training program in Riyadh Najed Schools has witnessed an interaction of the administrative and educational staff ( public and diploma ) under the supervision of the training de
26 Jul 2018
Riyadh Najd Schools organized a training program for the administrative and educational staff (public and diploma) according to a summer plan prepared by the training center in boys and girls sections
25 Jul 2018
In preparation for the new academic year: Completion of the maintenance and development of Riyadh Najd schools facilities in the boys and girls sections , and setting up modern equipments for the new
14 Jun 2018
Eid Mubarak and secure to our nation
09 Apr 2018
The heroes of the schools of Riad Najd in the festival of performances and competitions of the game Karate in the presence of the director of the Office of Rawda A. Emad al-Hathil and supervisor of ph
01 Apr 2018
The physical section concluded the volleyball championship under the supervision of Captain Emad Al Sayed, and the average agent a. Ahmed Al-Humaidan and the head of the physical and technical departm
18 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018
The Secondary School of Riyadh Najd Schools celebrated the graduation of the seventeenth class of third year secondary students on a beautiful night attended by mothers. It was interspersed with the m
11 Mar 2018
Events (the third meeting) for parents with teachers of the stages of boys "General, diploma"
11 Mar 2018
The supervisor of the activity in the primary stage (Girls) Professor (Ashgan Nahari) effective activity guidance for the (breakfast health) and its components for the basic health of human, under the
11 Mar 2018
Riyadh Najed High School- American Diploma Program- honored its top academic performers during a public ceremony on Sunday, Jan 28, 2018. The ceremony included a short speech by the principal, Mr. Mis
26 Feb 2018
The Training Center in the Boys and Girls Departments at Riyadh Najd Schools conducted intensive training courses in various technical, educational, administrative and academic fields, such as classro
25 Feb 2018
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23 Feb 2018

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