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Mc Graw Hill New Edition Curriculum Presentation

Within our constant endeavor to keep abreast with the recent text book publications School Larders, Heads of Departments, and Academic Supervisors attended a Two –Hour Educational Presentation conducted by MC Graw Hill. The presentation mainly focused on the Core Subjects –namely: Language Arts, Math, & Science and how they are aligned to both Common Core States Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards ( NGSS). The presenter highlights how the new textbooks are tailored to help teachers reveal the full potential of each student and accelerate their learning through their support services. The textbooks are provided with Digital and Online Resources for both Teachers and Students. The aim of these support services is to create a spontaneous, engaging, efficient, and effective learning experiences — grounded in research and inquiry Based –Learning.

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The "first step" in 1416 firmly believed that "investment" in the human long-term investment is not reflected in the proceeds of abstract mathematical figures, but a cognitive innovation that stimulates the mind and develops tendencies

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