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Riyadh Najed School implements a new educational technology LED interactive Boards

We are proud to announce that Riyadh Najed School has implemented interactive LED Boards in various academic stages at boys and girls section. A new technology with an innovative solution to enhance and develop the educational process in classrooms. Our new Boards will provide both students and teachers the ability to present, discuss and study subjects with an interactive and dynamic approach. Our LED interactive boards provides engaging and dynamic ways for students to explore educational subjects in a visually interactive way. We are keen in implementing the latest technologies that deliver a modern educational approach. The solution will provide each student with a screen to interact and focus on. While teachers will have the ability to turn lectures into open conversations and express new ideas effortlessly. This is the future of interactive education in classrooms. QOMO interactive Boards comes with an Android system with the ability to connect directly to Google applications, YouTube, and Microsoft Office, opening new educational channels for students to explore and learn from. OLD In order to improve the educational process and to facilitate the reception and comprehension of male and female students, the General Administration of Riyadh Najed Schools has set up - in many scholastic stages in girls and boys sections- new, interactive, multi-uses and users LED display boards which support Windows, Android, 4K, Internet connectivity, and the latest technology in display boards.

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