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About Us

The beginning

In 1416 H we had only our philosophy to start with, the firm belief that investing in humans is a long-term investment reflected not only in numbers but also in thought-provoking creativity, social trends, and human values. We embarked with the certainty that there will always be a need for pioneering educational projects that benefit from advanced international experiences while still maintaining the cultural roots of the Arab Muslim person and stressing the adapting to the local environment.


September 1995
It began with a small rented building, educational staff, and a total of 30 male students and 40 female students, only from kindergarten until the 3rd grade.

September 1996
We added the 4th and 5th grade, increasing the number of students to 60.

September 1997
The elementary school is finally complete, with the total number of students 101 and 147 including kindergarten.

September 1998
4 years later, the school underwent a huge change when it moved to the new school complex with an area of 35,000 square meters in the Al-Hamra neighborhood. The complex includes:

  • Boys’ section (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Girls’ section (elementary, middle, and high school)
  • Preschool
  • Indoor gym (tennis, basketball, pool, volleyball, and body building)
  • Health club
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Multiple open fields both indoors and outdoors
  • An auditorium
  • 2 clinics
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor cafeterias
  • Laboratories, technology centers, libraries, mosques, wood workshops, and arts and crafts rooms.
  • And of course, classrooms, administrative offices, meeting halls, training halls, and special learning difficulties centers.


Characteristics of the complex:

To ensure the safety of our students and create the ideal educational environment, we were keen on providing our students with a complex that abides to the following specifications:

  • The standard classroom capacity (7 × 7) or 49 square meters, in addition to larger classrooms.
  • The indoor and outdoor fields are designed in a way that ensures proper supervision is not hindered by curvatures.
  • Windows are child-proofed.
  • Classrooms have a side window that enables educational faculty to supervise classrooms without disrupting the flow of the lesson.
  • Toilets are strategically placed in front of the hall-monitor’s office, toilets are separated and are not multiple stalls in one big room.
  • Each school contains 3 staircases as well as emergency exists and a locked door that leads to the rooftop.
  • The classrooms cannot be locked from the inside to ensure the safety of the students.
  • The school is furnished as per international standards that suit the age of the student and guarantee his/her comfort.
  • The trees and palm trees decorating the school can be seen from almost anywhere, providing the students with beautiful and soothing scenery.
  • The school began its fourth year with about 520 male students and 600 female students in elementary and middle school, as well as 200 kindergarteners

September 1999

In line with the school’s vision for expansion, the secondary section was created and the elementary and middle school were expanded so that the boys’ section included 1000 students in all grades, and the girls’ section followed suit. The school introduced training workshops, electronic workshops, blacksmiths, carpentry and ceramic workshops and welding to foster manual and artistic handwork

September 2004

2004 marked the maturity of the school, with most of its dreams being actualized after years of constant effort and perseverance.

The school was proud to house a total of 1685 students in the boys’ section and 1508 in the girls’ section in addition to 285 in primary school. 

September 2010:

As the school grew, it sought out new challenges to further grow and reach new heights. And that is why the American Diploma Program was established, in an effort to create a new and inclusive learning environment that provides the student with both academic and social skills that would enable them to excel as learners and model citizens.


About us

The "first step" in 1416 firmly believed that "investment" in the human long-term investment is not reflected in the proceeds of abstract mathematical figures, but a cognitive innovation that stimulates the mind and develops tendencies

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