Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Our Mission:

To provide an education that equips students with life – skills and qualities needed to become thoughtful learners and enables each student intellectually and morally to excel as a successful, productive and responsible citizen in society.

OUR Vision:

To become the country’s leader in developing successful and innovative leaders.

Our Beliefs:
  • We believe that every student is a unique individual with potential for growth.
  • We believe that the best learning and teaching takes place in a safe and orderly environment that is free of prejudice, violence, and bullying.
  • We believe in students striving to achieve their full potential guided by caring, professional staff.
  • We believe that the skills to utilize technology are essential to prepare students for the future.
  • We believe that all students are responsible for active participation in their own learning.
  • We believe in developing responsibility and service to others by modeling and teaching ethical and moral issues.
  • We believe that high standards of excellence in teaching are necessary to challenge students.
  • We believe in respectful, honest, and constructive communication among all members of the school community.
  • We believe in fostering innovative partnership and hold constructive dialogue with guardians.
  • We believe in the necessity of preparing students intellectually, morally and spiritually to pursuit their aspirations and contribute to society.
  • We believe that thoughtful learners and passionate leaders are serving our society.
  • We believe in creating a conducive environment supportive of everyone’s needs.
  • We believe in demonstrating consistent and effective teaching methods.
  • We believe that to educate students and enhance what we hold up – we conceptualize, plan, set out to work, discuss, do over, and develop ideas.
  • We ideally believe to refine and channel students’ moral concepts through teachings couched in Islam.
  • We believe in latching onto and soaking up state-of-the-art technologies under the umbrella of collaborative teaching.
  • We believe in increasing and promoting teaching staff as it is such a way to notch up success.
  • We believe in engaging with teamwork through open channels streamlined to dialogue.
  • We believe in enhancing students’ abilities to recognize distinction.


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The "first step" in 1416 firmly believed that "investment" in the human long-term investment is not reflected in the proceeds of abstract mathematical figures, but a cognitive innovation that stimulates the mind and develops tendencies

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