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Two years ago Riyadh Najed Schools created a strategic plan  to help guide our vision over the next few years. Beginning with a new mission statement, we considered carefully the concerns of faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students and formulated a thorough plan for improving the school. It’s time now to revisit the plan, account for our successes, and re-evaluate the priorities that will determine our next steps.

This Strategic Plan for Riyadh Najed Schools (RNS) addresses the next five year period (2020-2025) in the school’s development. It builds on the learning and achievements and reflects the thoughtful contributions of Riyadh Najed Schools community members who participated in the assigned meetings, discussions and survey we conducted as part of this effort.

RNS Strategic Plan focuses on the goals and key objectives for the next five years. For each of these objectives, the plan identifies strategies, measures and outcomes. It is brief enough to be accessible and includes sufficient specificity that school leaders can use it to track progress.

On behalf of both RNS and the School Board, we wish to express our shared appreciation for the many people who contributed to this plan. We are grateful for the community’s thoughtful participation in this process, and especially for the long hours and hard work by the RNS team.


Dhari Alagil



Riyadh Najed Schools Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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All RNS staff, students, parents, and community are encouraged to provide us with feedback at or via the Classera platform.

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