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Planning is an indispensable tool to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. It allows the organization to know where to go and how to get there. It is a roadmap to keep you on course and gievs you direction. Without it, a school for that matter will lack direction and focus and run the risk of spending time doing things that fail to benefit the future.

The School Improvement Plan is the mother of all plans in a particular school. It is comprehensive, provides direction and touches all aspects of school development. Its concepts may not be new to school administrators and teachers as planning is old age. The SIP only formalizes and concretizes school development plan for the three years.

In the first day, the school planning team buckled down to work gathering, organizing and analyzing school data from the School Report Card. After pertinent data were organized and analyzed, came up with the principles and core beliefs the school adheres to and attempted to update the vision and mission of the school. The team then identified the school’s goals and objectives and key improvement areas. This was followed by the formulation of the 3-year indicative and annual plans as well as the development of the monitoring and evaluation plan.

After long toil days of nerve-wracking work, giving meaning to the organized data and setting targets for school development, the group came up with this School Improvement Plan, a roadmap for school improvement for the next three years.

The guiding goals of Riyadh Najed Schools Improvement Plan are as follows:

  • To identify the school’s mission and vision
  • To focus on improved student achievement
  • To improve teacher effectiveness
  • To analyze organizational development and flow
  • To profile the school using the following data:

 Demographics

 Student achievement scores

 Student, parent, and teacher surveys

 Spiritual indicators

  School features

  • To clearly state the academic and spiritual beliefs
  • To identify the curriculum initiatives
  • To assess strengths and weaknesses
  • To maintain and improve the school’s strengths
  • To devise a plan of action to address weaknesses
  • To guide the school to its goals
  • To improve the school in every facet
  • To ensure the spiritual and academic vitality of the school
  • To provide a framework for the school’s future financial viability

Riyadh Najed Schools Improvement Plan 2021-2024

Click here for our school improvment plan: RNS Improvement Plan

All RNS staff, students, parents, and community are encouraged to provide us with feedback at or via the Classera platform.

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