American Diploma Program

American Diploma Program


A high school diploma is the certificate awarded upon the completion of high school, each school has its own requirements for qualifying for the diploma. There are different variables that can change how you earn your diploma such as different courses, the number of years, and the difficulty of the classes. There is no set of requirements for receiving a diploma, however, most countries award the diploma once the student completes all coursework and passes at least one standardized test.

The American Diploma program is the latest educational system available at Riyadh Najed Schools. It enables students to apply to the best local and international universities, it’s known for its flexibility and variety of courses in the fields of English, Math, Business, Economics, etc. that aim to improve the level of high school graduates and ensure that they are fully prepared to meet the demands of higher education and the current job-market.

The American High School Diploma addresses the needs of the Saudi students without disrespecting their Saudi identity. Aside from during Islamic studies and Arabic language class English is used as the teaching medium.

The program undergoes constant supervision by the American and International Committees according to international educational and quality standards.


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The "first step" in 1416 firmly believed that "investment" in the human long-term investment is not reflected in the proceeds of abstract mathematical figures, but a cognitive innovation that stimulates the mind and develops tendencies

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