There are two types of assessment used specifically at RNS:

Authentic Teacher Assessment

This assessment is teacher-based and occurs daily/weekly at RNS in grades KG-12 in the American Diploma Program. Quizzes, Homework, Projects and Tests are all done and the numerical results are averaged by formula and reveal the quarterly, semester and end-of-year grades. The American Diploma Program uses a numerical Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation, where subjects are divided according to hours in each level and the marks are calculated according to attendance and academic performance within the scholastic academic year which is divided into four quarterly evaluation periods (9 weeks each) within two semesters (90 days of instruction) at the end of which a report card is issued four times each year.

Standardized Test Assessment

MAP tests are taken by students in Grades 1-8. PSAT tests are performed in Grades 8-10. SAT tests are taken by students in Grade 9-12. These three are USA patented standardized tests and USA controls the quality of the test, the length of the test, the substance of the test and does the scoring of the test. Results come back for parent, teacher and administrator reviews and are used for academic improvements at the school as well a curriculum changes/enhancements and technology/software upgrades. Our School Guidance Departments can give you more information about all tests. School Guidance officials also distribute MAP/PSAT/SAT overview sheets to parents and hold information meetings. SAT test scores are most important to Parents and students as they determine the type and level of a college or university a student will eventually attend.

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