Admission Policies

Enrolment Procedures

Students may apply for admissions to Riyadh Najed Schools at any time during the school year but they will not be accepted unless they complete the enrolment procedures and meet admission criteria. The parent presents the completed application in a hanging file to Riyadh Najed Schools Admission Department at any time after the entrance exam. The file should contain all the official papers requested and will be final only when all the papers are on file at the school. The student sits for the exam or attends the entrance interview on the date announced by Riyadh Najed Schools Admission Department and posted on Riyadh Najed Schools website. The interviews and the entrance exams for all grades are usually nearer to the end of the second semester. Parents come to the school to pick up their individual letters with the admission results. These letters are all distributed at the same time, usually two weeks after the exams, announced by the Admission Department and posted on the school’s website. It should be noted that the selection decisions are made by a committee based on the priorities stated below and in light of the availability of spaces in a given scholastic year.

Criteria for Admission

  • The school’s ability to meet the needs of the student.
  • A passing grade in the admission tests.
  • An available space in the appropriate age group. Students should not be admitted into a year group outside of their age group unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Admittance Requirements:

The official papers required must be submitted prior to admittance and they are the following:

  • Birth Certificate ( Photocopy)
  • Family Document for Saudis or Passport with Residence or ( Iqama) for non-Saudis (photocopy)
  • Photograph of the student.
  • Application form
  • Tuition agreement
  • Child information form
  • Parental Statement on health of child
  • Certificate of immunization
  • Release form from other schools
  • Previous educational records and transcripts for students enrolling in higher grades.
  • A refundable 4000 SAR registration fee
  • Admission tests’ results
  • A photocopy of the grades and report from the previous school.
    • There are three priorities which the student must meet in order to be considered for enrolment at Riyadh Najed Schools.


      First: The student’s age must be within the range required by the Saudi Government.

      Second: For a child entering grade 2 and above, the parent must submit records from the student’s current school showing that the child is at a level of or above.

      Third: For a child entering at any grade level, he must achieve at least the minimum requirement on the Riyadh Najed Schools entrance tests(60%). Applicants achieving a score lower than the minimum requirement will not be considered for enrolment.

      All new applicants will be reviewed in the order in which their registration was received; with priority given to brothers and sisters of students attending Riyadh Najed Schools. Acceptance or non-acceptance of the applicant will be communicated by way of a letter sent by the end of August.

      The Nature of the Entrance Exams

      The format of entrance exams differ according to grade level .The period of the interview will include several types of activities, some individual, some with a group with a teacher and some when the child is simply playing with others. Several aspects of readiness will be taken into consideration such as ability to follow instructions, coordination between hand and eye, muscular growth in general, the ability to converse and build relations with others, concentration, and other matters. Of course, the readiness level expected of the child varies according to his age and grade level.

      As for the entrance exams for admission to grades 2 – 10, they include English and Math. A personal interview with either the Principal or Student Counselor will also be required for students of grades 7-10 who have passed the entrance exams. The exams are designed on the basis of the goals included in the formal curriculum as applied at Riyadh Najed Schools.

      The general aim is that the student may be accepted at Riyadh Najed Schools if he has achieved a level of knowledge in the two subjects that will enable him to succeed in the targeted class.
      Admission test scores, along with grades, teacher recommendations and interviews, are considered by most schools when making the admission decision. Reliable test scores are especially important when making distinctions between students.
      Admission tests provide a common measure of student ability and a basis of comparison by which students with diverse experiences may be evaluated. Controversy will always exist regarding exactly what admission tests measure and even whether these tests are fair; however, it is appropriate to consider them as a fact of school life.

      Student Transfer

      Students who are registered in the International Program at the school do not have to re-apply when they transfer to another key stage or section of the school.

      Students coming from other National schools:

      Students who attend other national Schools and wish to join the International Program in will have to sit for an entrance exam in English.

      • In order for a student to be accepted in the IP he/she should:
      • Obtain a record from his/her previous school of achieving the minimum of 80% in the Arabic Math final average ( Grade 7-12)
      • Achieve 60% and above in the English entrance exam.

      Students coming from other International Accredited schools:

      If the student is coming from an accredited International School then in order for him/her to be accepted in the IP he/she should:

      • Achieve 60% and above in the English entrance exam
      • Obtain a record from his/her previous school of passing Math and being promoted to the next grade level.


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