The curriculums in Riyadh Najed are based on research and are developed using a curriculum review team approach, with each curricular area having its own standards and benchmarks. We recognize the fact that curriculum review is an ongoing process and our curriculum is constantly monitored for appropriateness, alignment and rigor. RNS uses Common Core State Standards as the basis for curriculum design and also utilizes the work of national and international benchmarking organizations. At the same time we also recognize our uniqueness as a school that embraces a global perspective as we prepare our students to become positive active global citizens. We take the most prominent positive points in a curriculum and integrate it in a balanced way while taking into consideration our own cultural identity. The American curriculum that we offer students is interesting, relevant, and grounded in our understanding of the developmental needs of all ages.

RNS uses its own written curriculum to achieve its stated Mission, Vision and Beliefs based on Common Core States Standards. A variety of textbooks and resources are used to achieve the curriculum objectives. The school has adopted the most up-to-date American series of textbooks which are based on the latest teaching techniques in education, science and technology. We utilize American accredited textbooks and strive to provide students with the same educational experiences that they would enjoy in an American school stateside. We are NOT a textbook driven school and whilst we expect the teachers to complete their curriculum there is no expectation for them to finish a textbook. Through authentic, inquiry based, and hands-on learning experiences, students are encouraged to pose thoughtful questions, willingly explore disciplines, solve real life problems, express ideas and opinions, consider alternative points of view, share ideas with others, and use technology as a learning tool. Ample time is provided for the consolidation of both knowledge and skills, with an emphasis made on developing each student’s ability to articulate their understanding.  A student’s school year is a personal journey marked by numerous celebrations of success and marked growth.

RNS’s curriculum encompasses the core areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, Physical Education and Art. English skills are developed through interaction with teachers and fellow students. Our students are expected to speak English while on campus, even during break and play time. This helps build vocabulary and fosters the long term retention of language skills.

The school year consists of three semesters, each consisting of approximately 13 instructional weeks, the school year currently consist of 183 days. One credit is earned for the successful completion of a course that meets five times weekly for 45 minutes each session throughout the school year.


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