Rights and Responsibilities

School Program:

The total purpose of the school program and the personnel who support that program in any way is to provide for the maximum personal and educational development of each and every student who is in attendance and is affected by that program.

Students have the right to:
  • A meaningful curriculum that shall meet their immediate and future needs.
  • Voice their opinions in the development of their curriculum.
  • Pursue their education under competent instruction.
  • Take part in in-school (instructional) activities and to decide if they want to take part in after-school (extracurricular) activities.
Students have the responsibility to:
  • Attend all classes regularly and on time.
  • Contribute to the total classroom and school atmosphere in a manner that keeps it wholesome and conducive to learning.
  • Complete all classroom assignments and meet requirements for all class objectives.
  • Respect the rights of others and to respect the views and backgrounds of those different from their own
  • Meet the approved criteria required for participation in instructional and extracurricular activities.
  • Follow bus, classroom, school, and all Riyadh Najed Schools’ rules and procedures in the classroom, or school.


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The "first step" in 1416 firmly believed that "investment" in the human long-term investment is not reflected in the proceeds of abstract mathematical figures, but a cognitive innovation that stimulates the mind and develops tendencies

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