Tardy Policy


We are adopting the revised tardy policy for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that learners are present on time to class and mentally prepared to learn
  • To ensure a consistent response and intervention when learners are tardy
  • To foster learner ownership and responsibility over their behaviors
  • To actively teach effective and professional behaviors/expectations for learners
Guiding Philosophy of Tardy Policy

Riyadh Najed Schools exists to provide all students with the opportunity to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and collaborative workers in order that they may become academically and vocationally proficient individuals. For students to acquire the knowledge and skills to become proficient they need to be on time to class every day.

Being on time to class:
  • Minimizes disruption to the learning environment.
  • Develops a practical discipline (punctuality) that will be expected in the “real world.”
  • Demonstrates respect for the people in the community.
  • Promotes a culture of academic and vocational integrity.

As part of our school safety plan, a school-wide tardy policy will continue to be enforced. At the sound of the tardy bell, all teachers need to lock their doors. Any student not in class must report to the tardy table. The tardy management team will assign a consequence. Once recorded, the student will return to class with a pass. Teachers will not allow students to enter their room after the bell unless the student has a pass from the Principal office, supervisor, or teacher. Unless otherwise indicated, the student will be admitted to class and marked tardy in the computer by the teacher. No teacher consequence will be administered. Students need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up any work missed due to the impact of the policy. The only tardies which will be excused will be those accompanied by written notice from the doctor and/or court stating the date and time of appointment.

Students are expected to be in class and to homeroom on time. A student is tardy when he/she is not physically in the classroom at the time the bell rings. Teachers keep accurate attendance records for each class.

  1. If a student arrives late to class with an authorized note from school faculty or staff, then they are not considered tardy.
  2. Students arriving late to class anytime after the bell rings without a note are marked tardy.

In observing the general interest of the students and in commitment to the approved regulatory and instructions, which help achieving the diligently sought education objectives, the school would like to reaffirm the following point’s pertaining to attendance:

Student of the American Diploma Program:
  • 6:35 a.m. morning assembly.
  • 6:45 a.m. first teaching class.
  • 1:25 p.m. end of the school day

To encourage students to be on time to class every day we have instituted the following policy. The following policy is a reminder of the actions to be taken by the school against students who are repeatedly tardy:

  1. Considered tardy any student arriving to school after 7:00 a.m. (after morning assembly).
  2. Tardy for (3) times, the student will be referred to the American Diploma Department to investigate the reasons and then send a notice to the parents.
  3. Tardy for (5) times, an official notice will be sent to the parents showing the number of delays, the negative impact this might have on the student’s achievement, and the regulatory procedures that will be taken against the student which might affect his over-all GPA.
  4. Tardy for (8) times, the student’s parents will be summoned to discuss the issue and to point out to them the negative impact of this phenomenon on their son’s behavioral and educational achievement. Parents will be asked then to sign a written commitment by which they undertake that their son will observe the school’s hours.
  5. Tardy for (10) times, students will be black listed and parents will be notified.
  6. Quarter mark will be deducted of the student’s overall mark.
  7. This policy will be put into effect as form January 28, 2012.
Excused Tardies
  • Speaking to a teacher: Any teacher who detains a student should write a pass for the student to bring to his/her next class.
  • Visit to the nurse’s office: A pass is required to go to the nurse’s office and will be signed by the attending nurse.
Unexcused Tardies
  • Aside from the exceptions above, being late to class constitutes as an unexcused tardy.
  • Excessive traffic is NOT considered a reason to be tardy in the morning.
  • Once a child has three tardies, they will turn into one absence.

Students will learn best when they begin the school day in a timely fashion. Teaching and learning cannot take place without the full cooperation of students and teachers. Students can cooperate by arriving to school and to class ON TIME.

Thank you for your continued support in this matter. The intent of the tardy and attendance policy is to emphasize the importance of class attendance and provide for greater student accountability for make-up work. It is not our intent to punish students who are ill or have family emergencies.


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